The Advantages Of Buying A Property In Spain 

The Advantages Of Buying A Property In Spain 

Spain is one of the most popular European countries amongst the expat community - but what are the advantages of buying a property in Spain? 



There are few countries in the world that boast the same idyllic magnetism as Spain. Known for its unbeatable weather, sprawling beaches and laid-back lifestyle, moving to Spain is a dream come true for many. 


However, whilst renowned tourist cities such as Madrid and Barcelona have always attracted holidaymakers and homemakers in droves, regions such as the Costa Blanca and the Costa Calida have recently begun to turn the heads of expats on the hunt for property for sale in Spain. 


What is it about these regions that are encouraging more and more relocators every year to invest in property overseas? Is moving to Spain a good decision, or are you simply surrendering to another trend without substance? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of buying a property in Spain.

Bargain Properties 

As much as we hate to admit it, finances are ultimately one of the biggest factors when you’re on the hunt for a new home. This makes the bargain properties for sale in Spain a huge advantage associated with the area. 


For example, according to one study, housing costs in the UK are a huge 52.8% more expensive on average than housing in Alicante. The reduction in cost extends beyond just the home itself, as the cost of living in Alicante and other regions in Spain is also vastly lower than in the UK. This means that most relocators often end up having a much improved quality of life in Spain than in their home country. 



Additionally, Spain is just as popular with holidaymakers as it is with expats (if not more so!) meaning that a lot of foreign property owners choose to rent out their Spanish property as a vacation home when they are not around. 


The high amount of tourism interest, coupled with the low amount of property purchase and maintenance costs, makes this a fantastic way to spend part of your time enjoying the Spanish lifestyle and the other part increasing your revenue. 

Versatile Locations 

Another advantage of buying a property in Spain is the country’s versatility. Far from one-size-fits-all, there are affordable properties for sale in Spain’s bustling cities, quaint villages and coastline towns. Rather than being forced to compromise, you can choose a property in a location that matches your hobbies and interests. 


For example, the Costa Blanca region is home to numerous municipalities - from the cultural Valencia to the lively town of Benidorm, there is something for everyone. Alicante is arguably one of the most desirable provinces in terms of versatility, boasting historic coastal towns such as Denia, the luxuriant seaside Jávea and even the vibrant city of Torrevieja. 


Spain is also a country that is very easy to explore via public transport, with an active rail network and affordable bus routes available from most locations. If you fancy venturing further afield, the Costa Blanca also provides travel links to the beautiful Balearic Islands. 

Improved Health 

One of the often underestimated advantages of buying property in Spain is the improvement on both physical and mental health that comes with the Spanish lifestyle. 



The Mediterranean diet is known for being one of the healthiest diets in the world. Characterised by fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, Mediterranean cuisine is vitamin-rich and good for the heart. This is particularly the case in the Murcia Region on the Costa Calida, an autonomous community that is known for largely consuming its own locally grown produce. 


Spain’s climate has also been proven to help reduce the prevalence of depression. The average of 3,00 hours of sunshine per year can have boundlessly positive effects on SAD, a form of depression that usually occurs in winter months due to a lack of sunlight. 


In addition, the warm weather and vast countryside and beachside landscapes make it easier to spend more time outside and get more exercise, improving both mental and physical health. 

Culture and Community 

Relocating to a new country always brings with it a sense of unique cultural immersion. Buying property for sale in Spain provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a culture that is rich in the arts, steeped in history and populated by friendly and welcoming communities. 



For example, festivals are very popular in Spain. Alicante is home to several, including the renowned The Carnival Alicante Festival, in which attendees dress up in unique costumes to dance the night away.


Alternatively, in Valencia, you can experience The Great Valencia Fair - a month-long experience of outdoor concerts, fireworks and fascinating museums that stay open until dawn. 

My Casa Away Spain

In summary, buying a property in Spain comes with many advantages. From affordable costs to unrivalled experiences, life in Spain provides endless opportunities to experience new things, expand your knowledge of the world and enjoy an improved lifestyle. 

My Casa Away is the best place to find property for sale in Spain. We have a variety of properties on offer to suit all budgets and requirements. To find out more, get in touch with our helpful team today.

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